EME and MS weekend.

Members of the Secret Nuclear Bunker Contest Group (SNBCG) assembled at Kelvendon Hatch to try 144 MHz (Earth Moon Earth) EME and MS (Meteor Scatter) over the weekend of the ARRL EME event As a group we have tried with some success MS QSO and this helped lay the foundation for this weekend’s EME event. […]

LoRa APRS fun on 439 MHz

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator then the small meshtastic boards can be used for APRS as a fun project. 433 MHz mesh never took off unfortunately, so if you have these boards around then they can make a great APRS tracker or igate! You need to use this one for your iGate […]

Meshtastic – Solar Options

Meshtastic has been well documented on other pages, so if you have arrived here you are probably already aware of the mesh network and its usage. This page is going to document my solar powered project and the learning points. 868 MHz is the band of choice now, with virtually no activity on 433 MHz […]

144 MHz Portable Operating

This long weekend, over at the Secret Nuclear Bunker I wanted to try some QRO operating on 144 MHz. Conditions on HF have been up and down, as the sun is very active right now. Using the 9e LFA on a 12m pump up mast and a low noise amplifier (LNA) and solid state linear […]