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The UK is currently in lockdown, and with the government advice to “Stay indoors,” it seemed like a good time to get to know the DV1 digital scanner.

  • 100 kHz to 1300 MHz
  • Alinco,dPMR, P25,Tetra
  • 3 VFO – 2000 Memory in 40 Banks

Scanning rules vary, please check local laws if in doubt.

The receiver connects to your PC via USB and requires Software to enable easy allocation of memory channels. You can search online, software ranges from free beta to expensive commercial software.

Beta Software from Wayne Taylor is available online I don’t know how long this will stay beta before going full release, so an archived copy can be found here.

DL8MRE Marcus has written some software on his site. This costs around £40, but works well and allows you to edit and search VFO with ease. The format of the native AOR memory files (CSV) is a mystery, no one seems to understand the syntax. I may have a go at decoding them sometime.

DV1 Manager by F5HPE – Free to 10EU

Online resources for finding frequencies

Scanning for Air traffic is a large part of the hobby, and so some resources can be found online.

This page will be updated as and when further resources become available.

If you have any resource suggestions, please comment and I will include them.

Thanks Dave

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  1. i am looking for software for the DV1 or DV10 which a blind person can use?

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