Month: October 2017


The CQWW SSB event runs over the last weekend of October and covers all contest bands from 1.8 MHz to 28 MHz. The event is one of the largest international events of the HF calendar and encourages stations to operate from far-flung and exotic parts of the world.

We opted for the sun-drenched shores near Ongar in Essex, using our contest site at the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker. We had decided before the event it would be more of a casual entry, as the contest had started at 00:00 Hrs on the previous Friday/Saturday morning. We have previously taken part in the event, with a most notable event in 2015.

This year we used a 7 MHz vertical, with elevated radials, and a 3e multiband beam for 28/21/14 MHz @ 10m.

3e Multiband Beam

7 MHz Vertical

The HF bands remained in good shape, with some good openings on 28 and 21 MHz and the vertical worked well at 7 MHz. The lower HF bands were predictably crowded, so I concentrated on search and pounce on the higher bands.

George M1GEO and Fred G3SVK with a great sunset behind.

QSO and DXCC per band.

28 MHz provided some interesting DX with a lot of station from Argentina, Brazil, French Guiana, Chile, Suriname, Namibia, South Africa, Qatar and Reunion Island.

28 MHz QSO Map

All Bands QSO Map

In total, we worked 417 QSO in 76 DXCC and had some fun on the bands.


National Hamfest 2017

The National Hamfest 2017 (29th and 30th September) was once again held at Newark Showground. The site provides a large area for both camping and caravanning, with the show opening on Friday and continuing on Saturday.

The location provides the ideal opportunity to meet up with friends from around the country, and browse the stalls both inside and outside.

All of the major dealers had a presence, although the Waters and Stanton had downsized to little more than a boot sale table.

Icom had the new IC7610 at the show, and you could twiddle the knobs but no clue on the RRP right now. Most of the dealers have a suggested price, but Icom says this hasn’t been confirmed.

Food was available from both inside and outside vendors, and the weather was good enough to sit outside once again this year.

Attendance seemed a little down from previous years, but this often happens with this type of rally. I spotted the crews from ICQ podcast and TX Factor both making content and you can watch/listen to this on their websites.

The CambHams team and Flossie operated on HF and VHF from the event.

Dave G7UVW reviewing one of his previously owned (junk) surplus equipment purchase.