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144 MHz Portable Operating

This long weekend, over at the Secret Nuclear Bunker I wanted to try some QRO operating on 144 MHz. Conditions on HF have been up and down, as the sun is very active right now. Using the 9e LFA on a 12m pump up mast and a low noise amplifier (LNA) and solid state linear […]

Two Tree Island

Using the new portable telescopic antenna and ground spike I thought it would be good to try operating by the sea. You can read more about the antenna in this article. Two tree island, near Rayleigh in Essex, provides a great spot, where you can park close to the sea. The tide fills the adjacent […]

HF Portable telescopic whip

Operating portable can be very easy, you simply need a bit of wire. Sometimes you don’t have the space for a doublet or a dipole, maybe you are on a beach or holiday let. A compact vertical, that needs no ATU on 14 MHz, and you could either use an ATU or shorten it down […]