Month: July 2015

144 MHz UKAC operating report

Operating report from the Tue evening 144 MHz UKAC. This event runs from 20:00 Hrs to 22:30. Further details can be found on the RSGB VHF pages.

The idea of the event is to promote activity and club participation on the VHF and UHF bands. Anyone who is a member of the club can participate, as your club is affiliated to the RSGB. You dont need to be an RSGB member yourself to take part or enter a log.

Dave M0TAZ at the operating table.

the setup

Tuesday evenings in the summer provide an ideal chance to operate outdoors, taking in the evening sun and enjoying the fresh air. Lets not mention about getting bitten by the bugs ! (stop your not selling this)

Logging by lantern

Logging by gas light

With the assistance of John M0UKD and using the Icom 7100, 9e Tonna and 12m Racal push up mast we was set up and ready to go  20 minutes before the start of the contest. Logging was completed using the excellent and free program Minos . The mast was hand rotated, with the operating position close to the mast, it could be rotated mid QSO if needed. Over the course of the next 2.5 Hrs we managed to work 57 stations, best DX being Scotland at 507 KM

The mast and antenna

mast view

The QSO map is shown below.

qso map 144ukac

Dave M0TAZ

Working VHF portable from the Peak District

John M0UKD and myself decided it would be fun to work a few in the VHF NFD from Mam Tor at 517m ASL. Using John’s FT 897d and 20w battery power and his 6e homebrew PEGTENNA.

The walk is quite short and the “summit” is not a SOTA, its a simple walk up from the National Trust Car park. The walk is well defined up a stone path, most of the way is simply steps to the top of the hill. The views to the South are quite good, but the path is not so good to the North West, North or North east.

We selected it as its a simple walk, and as we only intended to operate for 1 Hr, it would be nice to select a quick activation.

Once on site, at the top of the hill we discovered two things, it was very popular with families, dogs and children and it was also very windy. The hill top was several degrees below that of the car park, and with the wind chill it felt distinctly chilly.

Here is Dave @M0TAZ supporting the antenna.

We found a location just off the top of the hill to operate, and called CQ

Here is John @M0UKD

ukd op

Best DX for the day was F4HJC/P in JN19 at 579 KM.

We worked a total of 24 stations is 60 minutes.

A map of the QSO’s can be seen below.