Month: September 2015

70 MHz portable from Cromer

Operating portable from the highest point in Norfolk (100m ASL) from Beacon Hill close to Cromer North Norfolk JO02OV. The set-up included the Icom 7100 and 50w into a Slim Jim supported on a 12m Spider beam roach pole. Beacon Hill is an old Roman Fort, and while its elevated you cant really see much […]

Data Modes for all Occasions

I recently completed a talk at LEFARS on data modes for all occasions, the aim of the talk was to explore alternative data modes. We have all received the very popular PSK, most likely on 14.070 but many other data modes exist some offering much greater reliability and alternative uses. The slides will hopefully get […]

Backpackers #5 VHF contest

Sunday 6th Sep was the 5th backpacker VHF contest on a very sunny Sunday afternoon. The contest has two main categories, 3w backpackers or 10w Hill toppers. The rules are available online. We elected to do the 10w section, using a 9e Tonna antenna and a push up mast with the assistance of John M0UKD. […]