Operating portable from Cromer Norfolk

A long weekend away in Cromer, time to close up the static van for the winter and hopefully some time for /p. This time I wanted to try a 20m endfed wire, this ran from the tree at the back of the van into the ATU. I connected up another 20m wire and connected that to the earth of the ATU. The antenna seemed to work quite well on 7 MHz and would even load easily on 3.5 MHz (working as a 1/4 wave). I decided to try my luck and load the antenna on 1.9 MHz, as this weekend saw the RSGB club calls contest.

Despite doing a really good impression of a spark generator I did manage to work 20 stations around the UK. The best DX for the weekend was working into South America on JT65 on 3,5 MHz.

Also had a nice QSO with Peter G4VLC on 5.3665 MHz Olivia. Once again goes to show 10p of bell wire may not make the best antenna in the world, but it sure beats the £149.99 Chav 1.















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