Month: June 2020

Almost everything you need to go portable.

New to amateur radio, or a seasoned operator some people have never experienced the fun of operating out portable. The thrill of operating in a low noise environment.


If you going to take out your VHF/UHF handy, make sure you have a good antenna fitted. The stock antenna or the fake cheapo antenna on eBay is exactly that mostly useless. VHF operators sometimes take a vertical antenna with some gain to take advantage of an elevated location.

If your hill walking with unlicensed operators, then consider some PMR 446 radios as they provide good range and the ability to keep in touch with your fellow walkers.

HF Antennas

Speaker wire makes excellent antenna wire, lightweight and strong, and I would suggest you make a few dipoles and maybe wind them onto a former so they are easy to deploy.

If you are taking the equipment in the car, then you may want to consider getting a telescopic mast. These can be deployed behind the car with a suitable mount.

Para style cord is great for putting up guy ropes. You will also need some tent pegs to secure items in the ground. Flimsy tent pegs often bend, why not try these more robust pegs.

Guy line tensioner will come in very handy when putting up a mast.

Telescopic plastic poles used to fly flags at campsites make ideal HF antenna supports.


No one wants to run out of power for their phone while out on the hills. These USB power banks will recharge your phone making sure its ready when you need it.

Everyone needs a torch, this one fits on your key ring and provides best in class illumination.

Depending on power requirements, you may wish to use a leisure battery or a suitable voltage LiPo system.  If your going QRO then a small generator will provide the power needed.

50 MHz Trophy Cup

The 50 MHz trophy cup is a great opportunity to work some stations, with lots of activity from both the UK and EU. Due to the current situation with Covid 19 this years event wasnt going to be on the same scale as previous events.

It was decided the event needed to me small scale, and to comply with the RSGB rules it needed to be a fixed station as no portable operating was allowed. Unfortunately that meant we could only put in a check log this year, as our operating site is away from home.

George M1GEO

We operated from our contest site at Kelvedon Hatch, using a 6e 50 MHz beam. The beam was located on the 12m scam mast, and the radio was the Icom 7610. 400w RF power was delivered by the Expert 1.3KFA.

Dave M0TAZ

The contest was somewhat different to usual, no portable and hence many contest stations stayed away. Conditions on Saturday was flat, with just a few SPe openings towards the end of the day. Sunday was much more interesting, with the band packed full of stations all over the EU.

QSO map for 50 MHz Trophy Cup 2020

We worked 161 stations in 21 DXCC, best DX was UY1HY @ 2288 KM