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  1. Any leads or infomation to the racal 12 meter mast seal kit would be greatly appreciated
    Best Regards Paul.

    1. What type of mast have you got the PU12 (Push up) 12m mast? I would speak with these guys http://www.clarkmasts.com/products/military-masts/pu-mast/
      and see if they can help.

      Ta Dave

  2. Hi , could you tell me what dimension the outside of the bottom pole is of this mast ? As I will be modifying a set of t and k style brackets to affix it and need to get some large u bolts so need the size please


    1. I dont have the mast here right now. If you want to mount it, it would probably be best to get the mast and then you can be sure of the mounting arrangement.
      These guys also have some info, as they mount them on vehicles http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/24030-racal-12m-mast-1486-900/
      I also think these ones are very similar maybe the same https://www.cobham.com/media/653344/400%20Series-700%20Series-DS%20Issue%201.pdf

      Thanks Dave

  3. Also may I ask what size pole I need to get to attatched to top to mount antenna


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