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The good the bad and the ugly (Part 2)

If you arrived here without reading Part 1, it may be worth checking that out.

eBay is full of fake Diamond SRH805S antenna, so in this article, we take a closer look at 3 or these versions. Only one of these is real, as it will become obvious

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eBay 99p version. A look outside and inside.

145 Mhz – 203 Ohms

433 Mhz – 57 Ohms

1.2Ghz – 4.6 Ohms

VNA plot credits @DTL


eBay £5 version.

145 MHz – 510 Ohms

433 Mhz – 36 Ohms

1.2Ghz – 62 Ohms

VNA plots credit @DTL


Genuine version £25

Picture and measurement credit to John M0UKD

The antenna provides a good match on 145, 433 and 1.2Ghz and unlike the fake versions, this would actually seem to work on the specified bands.








So how do you spot a fake SRH805S?

I guess you need to ask yourself 2 questions.

If you purchasing it from eBay then it’s most likely fake. The other clue is price, the genuine version would cost around £25.

If you would like to purchase the genuine article, then I would suggest you use a recognised ham radio outlet.

The fake and genuine antenna both look identical, but as you can see that’s the only thing they share.

You can continue reading Part 3


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Handheld antenna, they come in so many sizes. We could guess bigger is better, but hey who wants a 50cm whopper on top of their 145 Mhz handy.

I thought it may be interesting to put a few on my RigExper analyser and see how they look on 145 Mhz.

Let’s start with the


NISSEI RH-9090 – around £40 (Haydon Communication)


  • flexible rubber antenna (SMA)
  • 40cm long
  • super gainer, for the ultimate in gain
  • TX: 2m / 70cm
  • RX: 25MHz – 2GHz
  • ideal for airband

Seems very wideband, and has a resonance on 145 MHz, good start.



NAGOYA – NA701 (ebay £1.09 free postage)




  • Nagoya NA-701 SMA-Female Dual Band Handheld Antenna
    Frequency: 144 / 430 MHz
    Gain: 2.15 dBi
    Height: 206mm
    Widely used on handheld Radios with SMA male interfaceSpecification:
    Frequency: 144 / 430 MHz
    Gain: 2.15dBi
    Height: 206mm
    Connector: SMA Female
    Weight: 20g

Wideband, but probably better on 158 MHz

DIAMOND SRH805S (Ebay 99p) Further comparisons in Part 2

Super Small Fake Diamond

  • 144, 430 and 1200 MHz
  • Wideband RX

Mostly useless, unable to find any freq between 50 and 220 MHz that these resonate on. Not even as good as a dummy load.,

Unable to find any use for these, but don’t take my word have a look at the plot.


Stock antenna on the Icom FA S270C (£18 to £25 Moonraker)


  • flexible rubber antenna (SMA)
  • 18cm long
  • TX: 2m / 70cm
  • RX: Wideband
  • ideal for airband

Not surprisingly it had a nice dip at 145 MHz and was the best of anything tested.

You can read more in Part 2 and Part 3