Portable HF – Winter fun (maybe)

One of the joys of working portable is the ability to operate from a low-noise site. Antenna selection can also provide opportunities to try something different to your home setup. On a mild February afternoon, I ventured out to complete the first portable operating of 2023. The weather was mild 14C and the wind was […]

Portable antennas, EFHW

Portable HF has always been fun, recently I have joined the End Fed Half Wave club. I purchased a few EFHW 49:1 or 64:1 matching transformers and wanted to try these out at a recent LEFARS field weekend. Typically an EFHW will operate on multiple bands, so 20m of wire will provide a resonant antenna […]

EFHW out portable

I recently purchased some EFHW both 49:1 and 64:1 for some field-based testing. Working is ongoing, but the initial testing was good. I used 21m or wire, supported on a 12m spidebeam pole, with the other 9m sloping horizontal. Power was provided by V2L on the car The purpose was to see how repeatable this […]