FT8 on 144 MHz

FT8 has taken the HF bands by storm, a bit like PSK did in the early 2000s. These days it seems the mode of choice for DX stations, allowing them to make a number of QSO is a short duration. If you haven’t checked out FT8 then I would suggest you head over to Joe Taylor website and have a look at some of the weak signal propagation modes available.

If you are new to FT8 you may find this operating guide helpful.

Connecting my Icom 7100 to Ham Radio Deluxe, and then WSJT-X to “Ham Radio Delux” works just fine for me. It should be possible to connect WSJT directly to the Icom radio, but a lot will depend on your operating preferences.


The agreed dial frequency is 144.174 USB and you will see activity most of the time, probably more in the evenings and weekends


Its quite common to see Germany, France, Belgium, Ireland, Wales and Scotland in a few hrs of monitoring under flat conditions.

50 MHz is also popular and works well under short sporadic E opening.


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  1. Svend Aage Jessen

    Are you working horizontal?
    73 de LA6YJA…

    1. Yes I have a small 3e for 144 MHz horizontal polarised.

    2. Je travaille ici IN94TS en vertical avec une bibande (et donc une reception omnidirectionnelle) et un lna .
      les résultats sont vraiment excellents .
      ce matin, hors sporadiue E , SV5,EA,IZ8,EA9,SV1,EK7 ete ctec et un français en qso avec un 4X1 ! ! ! !
      a bientot sur 2mts

      1. Translated to English

        I work here IN94TS in vertical with a double band (and thus an omnidirectional reception) and a lna.
        the results are really excellent.
        this morning, excluding E sporadic, SV5, EA, IZ8, EA9, SV1, EK7 and ctec et a French qso with a 4X1! ! ! !
        see you soon on 2mts

        Thanks, hope to see you on 144 MHz SSB

  2. Hi Dave I wish to try the UHF/VHF FT8 where am I able to download the software? Can I use a co-linear?

    1. Yes you can work with a white stick colinear and many do. Head over to Joe Taylor website and download wsjtx software 1.8.0 https://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wsjtx-1.8.0-win32.exe

      1. That link is outdated, use https://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wsjtx.html to find the current version of the software.

        73, Palle, OZ1RH

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