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Summer 2018 has arrived (almost)

At last, the warmer weather has arrived, today gave me the first opportunity to operate outdoors without a coat.

It was a pleasant sunny afternoon so I decided to operate outdoors and make the most of the nice weather. Using the Icom 7100 and 65Ah leisure battery and a white stick for 145 MHz and slim jim for 70 MHz allowed me to work a number of local stations.

The 70 MHz Slim Jim is mounted on the fibreglass pole on the right.


















The metal mast on the right had been given to me by Richard G4DDP and it was its first chance to try it out in the field. Its very heavy duty, and I think would have originally been designed to take a speaker at a gig, now upscaled to amateur radio.

On 145 MHz I worked M0FAQ Martin in Braintree, M0WJL Gordon in Corringham.

On 70 MHz I worked 2E0HPA/M Andy in Tadlow, G4YBI Paul Rainham, M0XTA Selim, G0ENN Southend.

Here you can see the Icom 7100 setup and operating on 70 MHz

The Icom 7100 all packed up in its travel box.



I recently received back my Expert 1.3K-FA linear back from its holiday in Italy. I noticed some months ago that it would sometimes fail to start and require repeated presses of the power button. After a short holiday in Italy, the manufacturer replaced two relays, and I thought WPX RTTY was a good baptism of fire.

Apparently, these are the faulty items, now replaced under warranty. Linear was working flawlessly and allowed me to complete 218 QSO on 7 MHz.

Using the doublet antenna, I wasn’t able to find much DX, but using the club call MX0SNB did provide some interest on the bands.



Even after some prolonged CQ runs the liner was able to deliver 400w RTTY and remained under 50 C

Interesting to see the VSWR at 1.01 and the temperature at 50C.

Bands seemed busy, I opted to only operate on 7 MHz and so conditions provided mostly contacts to EU. I was able to work into the USA, and I did hear China and Indonesia although was unable to work them.

I put together this map showing QSO mostly over the EU.

I managed to work 45 countries, with the best DX being Peru.

Always nice to see the bands busy, and RTTY has never been so popular.

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