JT65 on 5.357 MHz after dark…

NOTE:- The latest JT65 software uses a dial freq of 5357, in the UK we must not transmit beyond 5358. So if you use a dial freq of 5357 then you must ensure your audio is no higher than 1000.

The alternative is to place your dial on 5355 and then you have access to 3Khz.

The RSGB have placed a some advice on their website.

I was quite surprised to hear so much activity on JT65 this evening. I can often be found working data modes on 5.366.5, but this evening decided to check out the JT65 freq.

Check the UK 5 MHz allocation showing practical usage and dial freq on G3NRW site. Here you can download and review the bandplan is a PDF format.

Using WSJT-X v1.5 by K1JT and the excellent JTAlert program by VK3AMA

I have included some screen shots to show the activity and setup. Using 10 to 15w into my doublet antenna.

Here is the bandscope, showing the audio bandpass, you can see 5 signals have been active. Each horizontal line indicates a 60 second period. You either transmit in odd or even mode, TX for 60 seconds, then receive for 60 seconds.jt65_band_scope

In this window you can decode the stations call sign and signal reports. The program can be configured to show different colours, red indicates your working that station or being called by a station.

You can look up online and see who is receiving your signal using PSK reporter. You will need to open the page and type in your callsign. The reports page will look a little like this.


This evening I worked OZ1TMK (Denmark), A45XR (Oman), PA3FMP (Netherlands), 9A6TKS (Croatia), LA1VNA (Norway), 5P1KZX (Denmark)

73 Dave M0TAZ


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