0dBm 1mw input – Wideband Amplifier

Adventures of a broadband amplifier.

Updated product 1 to 930 MHz amplifier 2w

Or this low-cost version

These products often change, you can view a similar one here

Some radios are equipped with a 0dBm (1mW) output that can be used to drive an amplifier. The advantage of this output is it usually works over the entire transceiver range. So you can often obtain 1mw from 10 kHz to 60 MHz.

I recently read an article in Radcom from Dave Pick G3YXM and he had purchased an amplifier from eBay. Dave confirmed it was this model with an operating frequency range from 1 to 500 MHz.

Like this one using the search term ” 1MHz – 500MHZ New HF FM VHF UHF RF Power Amplifier For Ham Radio + Heatsink”. If you wanted to use this below 1 MHz that’s possible but you will need to swap the inductors for larger values.

Tests without any changes showed 1mW in @ 1.9 Mhz = 1.6w out. The power out seems to drop to 100 mw below about 500 Khz. I also tested the amplifier at 144 Mhz and the o/p was around 1w.

Hopefully, with a few changes, this will allow me to run a small amount of power on 472 Khz WSPR.

1mw amp 1mw amp 2


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  1. Looks really interesting what class amplifier is it linear or class c ?
    Also looking at options for the 630M band the Elad has about 1mw output.
    A LPF filter would be required also.

    1. Thanks. You can purchase them off ebay, quite cheap and therefore to be used with care / correct BPF.

  2. I have this Wide band 1.6w RF amplifier but few capacitors are broken some how kindly give me the value of all caps i will be very thankful to you.

    1. I had a problem with my unit, but they are so cheap now its hardly worth the repair. Have a look at this option https://amzn.to/2NxXSyG

  3. which transistor does this transmitter use?

    1. The options change quite often as they bring out better and better products at ever-cheaper prices! Have a look here for a similar option https://amzn.to/2NxXSyG

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