Month: June 2016

RSGB #2 Hill Toppers Contest

Today I took part in the RSGB 144 MHz contest operating 10w and a 9e Tonna at 6m. The weather was warm and wet, with light rain. I decided to retreat into the boot for some /P

Operating from the Kelvedon Hatch SNB contest site.27015052133_e00ed7b6b2_k The antenna was supported by the Racal PU12 mast.

The band seemed very active as the contest was arranged to align with the 144 MHz Practical Wireless low power contest.

I started round 45 mins late, and closed the station down by 1pm so only operated for 2.5 Hrs.

Best DX was EI at 527 KM, was pleased to work into GW and France and nice to hear Cornwall.

































50 MHz Sporadic E openings

As we enter the sporadic E season I noticed reports of stations being worked on 50 MHz. A quick look on my doublet confirmed activity, but the antenna was such a poor match it was hard work anyone. I decided to make a dipole that could be put up and taken down quickly, and this proved to be the best option.

Often in sporadic E openings the signals are very strong, although the QSB and QSO time has to be very short. This evening I put the dipole up for the first time @ 5m and worked S58T, SQ7NSN, 9A7JCY and EA1AST.

So with the sunspot on zero, and the K index often high lets hope 50 MHz is working a little more often this year.