Icom 7100 VHF/UHF changed to N-Type socket

Icom 7100 rear sockets original configuration



Icom 7100 have 2 antenna sockets,

Ant 1 –  HF, 50 and 70 MHz,

Ant 2 –  144 and 430 MHz


John M0UKD made this change and wrote about his experience.

You can download a copy of the Icom 7100 user manual here.

The most difficult part is finding a source for the 2 hole N-Type sockets, I sourced one from Ebay.

Here you can see the chassis socket has been changed to N-Type.


I have included a picture showing the internal layout with the rear panel removed


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  1. Very good idea ! I did it and doing it on every transceiver that goes in my hands, using teflon insulated/gold plated “N” socket. I am also changing the HF SO-239 socket with a teflon insulated/gold plated (better quality) socket. As the transceiver is open, I am soldering the central pin of these connectors, as I do not trust these “spring contacts” used by Icom.


    Bruno, F1HDQ

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