MFJ Versa Tuner III MFJ-962C review

The MFJ-962C is a high power 1.5kW manual ATU capable of matching balanced or unbalanced antennas typically from 1.8 to 30 MHz. It uses a T matching network, and the ARRL has provided an interesting article on “Getting the most out of your T match without snap crackle and pop


The ATU has a rating of 1.5kW, but this power rating must be taken as a guide, for example, try matching a 1/2 wave on 80m using 800w. The power rating will depend on the suitability of the antenna, and working on the principle that a poor antenna matched is still a poor antenna.





You have the possibility of 2 antenna positions, and a coax direct option allowing you to connect 3 antennae to your transceiver.The inductor in common with most ATU is switchable from A to L allowing you to select progressively larger {or smaller} inductance.

The capacitors are large enough to cope with the high voltages often found in a QRO ATU, and should with care provide many years of service. The internal quality of my ATU looks good, although I have found the level of finish does vary quite a lot of MFJ products. If you purchasing a similar product I would suggest you give it the shake test and listen for rattles.

The ATU is quite large, 27cm wide, 38cm long and 12cm deep.

The capacitors used are 12cm long by 6cm wide.





The case is made from aluminium and uses 12 screws to provide a rigid construction. I have used the ATU with a selection of doublet antenna, using my own 1:1 balun on many of the HF bands, power has often been at the UK maximum 400w without an issue.


The ATU has a cross needle VSWR and power meter, wth low and high power settings. The power meter can be adjusted with the pots inside the ATU, although I have found mine to be accurate. You also have an average or peak hold setting on the meter, this is helpful for SSB when trying to read the PEP.




12v can be used on the rear to provide a light in the metering, but otherwise, the unit can run without power.

The ATU was recommended to me from John M0UKD and purchased second hand, and its performed very well over the years.

These are no longer produced new but do come up for sale on Ebay or your local amateur radio store.

Here is a look at the high power 1:1 balun I use with this ATU.

You can download the manual for the ATU online.


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  1. Hi Dave,

    What Size/Type plug do I need for the meter lamp on the MFJ 962C ?
    I called MFJ and they couldn’t tell me! Go Figure.

    I bought a used 962C last week, but it not come with the plug

    Thank you

    1. Good question, I have never used it. I think its a mono audio jack style plug. The mono has just two connections, I assume the tip will be +ve

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