Ideal Masts for amateur radio use.

The two masts I have highlighted today are the PU12 and the SCAM 12m. They both extend to 12m in height but have very different usage cases.

I have included downloadable PDF guides for each mast. These are often charged for on ebay!

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SCAM 12m

The SCAM is a heavy-duty 4 man assembly mast capable of supporting a large HF beam.

4 x 18.6m guys from the top section and 4 metal legs.

  • 12m extended height
  • 2.36m retracted height
  • Max headload 35kg
  • 40mm antenna socket
  • Total 8 sections and 150kg mast weight

You can download a user guide here

PU12 Mast

The PU12 is a lightweight, single man deployment 12m mast for small VHF of HF wire antennas. The mast comes complete with a base plate and 9 guys, 3 for the top, middle and bottom.

  • 11.4m extended height
  • 1.86m retracted height
  • Max headload 10kg
  • 24mm antenna socket
  • Total 8 sections and 12kg mast weight

You can download the user guide here.

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