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The Camb-Hams operated from a new site this year, due to their usual site being unavailable. The location had good unobstructed views, the local area is very flat but it did have such a good elevated VHF take off.

The event falls at the end of the year and providing a chance to catch and discuss the year’s events.

This year the team had 3 van based masts, their own Transit based Flossie with its 22m mast, as well as the recently purchased Mercedes Sprinter ex OFCOM van owned by Colin that comes with a 25m mast.

Geoff G0DDX also had his 12m vehicle mounted SCAM mast.

VHF was operated from Flossie, while HF was from Colin van with the 3e Triband beam at 25m.


The SSB FD rules have recently changed, the maximum power is limited to 100w. This can make it hard going as I would guess some of the EU stations are running a little more power. The contest also runs alongside the worked all Asia contest, adding another dimension to the band.

We also enjoyed a BBQ by torchlight, a field day favourite.

The drone provided some aerial video and pictures from the event.


Thanks for an enjoyable weekend.

SSB National Field Weekend with Camb-Hams

This year I joined the Camb-Hams for the SSB National Feild Weekend from their contest site in Worts’ Causeway, Cambridge. I arrived on Friday afternoon to assist with the setup, this included antenna for both 144 MHz and HF for the field day. The HF event runs in parallel with the VHF event over 24 hrs, so Flossie provided a comfortable and warm shack for the entire event.

The VHF event used 2 x 17 element beams at 12 meters, plus 1 further 17 elements on the top of Flossie at 20m. 400w was delivered from a Gavin M1BXF solid state amplifier.

HF used a 3 element tri-band antenna covering 10/15 and 20 meters. Dipoles were added for 40 and 80m from the SCAM mast. 400w* was provided by a solid state amplifier, and mains was provided by 3 x 2kW Honda generators.

The event was very well attended, with Dave GW4ZAR getting the award for furthest travelled, having driven down from North Wales. Others had travelled from Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Berkshire and Cambridgeshire. In a first for a field day, the Cambridge 105 tech crew did their waffle live on air from the field day tent. Thankfully the weather held fair, as the noise from the rain on the tent would have been interesting.

Martin M0YRM (Left) and George M1GEO

The contest started on Saturday afternoon and for the next 24 hrs, the radios were pressed into action, making contacts all over the world. I don’t recall any big DX, as it’s a region 1 field day the largest constituent in the HF log would be Germany.

I completed a couple of stints on HF, working mostly EU with the off USA on 20 meters.

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner were provided by the Camb-Hams facilities team, Rob M0VFC and Laurence M0LCM both preparing some great burgers, sausages and bacon when ever anyone looked hungry.

James 2E0JFM and Laurence M0LCM

Altogether a really enjoyable weekend, providing time for both the social side and some contest operating. Further pictures from the event are available here. Thanks to the team at Camb-Hams who made it happen.

*Due to a rule change the SSB FD now carries a maximum power of 100w. G3PYE will therefore only submit a check log for this contest.

RSGB Top Band Club Calls Contest

12th November 2016.

Its not often you hear 1.8 MHz full of phone, but tonight was that night. The RSGB club calls contest is one of the most popular RSGB HF contest around, and at various times of the year covers both CW and SSB from 1.8 to 7 MHz. You can read more about this contest on the HF contest website.

The idea is for clubs to field as many stations as possible, and for the combined scores to contribute to the AFS clubs score. Exchange is a little unusual, the 4 letter club names can be found here.

Contest exchange.

Report, Serial Number, ‘Club HQ’, ‘Club Member’ or ‘No Club’, Club Name (a 4-letter club abbreviation)


Running as M1GEO and operating as members of the Camb-Hams provided a great volume of QSO over the 3 Hrs contes. The antenna was a top band dipole with the centre at 30m and Icom 7600 running 32w. Most signals received were very strong, although finding space on the band was sometimes difficult. The QSO total was 120, very respectable considering a break for some food at 21.00 Hrs.

Here you can see George M1GEO doing a spot of antenna maintenance before the contest.



National Hamfest 2016

Once again the National Hamfest was located at Newark Showground in Nottinghamshire. The rally once again took part on the Friday and Saturday, with im told Friday being the much busier day. I elected to go on Saturday, the flea market was once again rather small, maybe even smaller than 2015 with a selection of pre-owned equipment (junk) for your delight.


29929795422_679cc40e51_k29444838903_bd51df99ed_kHere you can see a selection of pictures taken in the flea market area. The inclusion of a white coat from one of the sellers adds an air of science.


Inside everything was in one main hall, this included your large equipment manufactures, Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu.

John G8DZH from LEFARS purchased one of the new Icom 7300 and on collecting his bonus external speaking Icom informed him he was the 50th purchased of the new radio that weekend !

29988330651_89b9d992a5_k 30071752925_a7d8b1aafc_k

Mark M0DXR from Kenwood was on hand to offer advice and a friendly face on their stand.

Kenwood had their new handheld TH-D74E on show that does FM, DSTAR and APRS.

Walters and Stanton and Martin Lynch and Lamco made up the major retailers, all having a selection of new and used equipment for purchase.

I was really nice to catch up with the TX factor team, I spent sometime chatting to Mike G1IAR and I congratulated the team on producing some really high quality videos. Mike was telling me they had set the production and content values very high, meaning few but well made programs.

Here you can see Mike doing a bit to camera, with the assistance of Peter M0PSX from Essex Ham


The Camb- Hams team was in attendance with Flossy2, running a special call GB16NH  and Geoff G0DDX attended with his recently completed van.

29777561280_71af602ed1_k 29957858422_86d232ad6f_k

The RSGB had a number of stands, books, DF, Observation Service, Contesting, EMC and QSL service to name a few. A very enjoyable day out and a chance to catch up with people, some I had never met and only worked on the air. It also gave me a chance to wear the new LED matrix callsign badge, and this prompted a number of people to ask “Where did you get the badge from”  to which I would reply Friedrichshafen.

73 Dave M0TAZ