MM0TAZ/P Portable HF with a view

Working portable from any location is always fun, but today I got the chance to work /p from the highlands of Scotland in the sun. The equipment was my basic portable setup, Icom 7000, 85 Ah battery, 12m roach pole and 24m (12m per leg) doublet. The operating location was Ullapool on the West coast of Scotland. I settled on a rural lay-by close to the A835 around 5 miles North of Ullapool, room for the doublet and away from the public.

I setup on 7 MHz, and quickly joined M0UKD John for a chat, the signal as expected was a push on 7 MHz with 5-5 to 5-7 from John. The noise level at my side was zero, so the signal to noise on everyone was very good. I operated for 2.5 Hrs and worked 26 stations on 7 MHz including Brian M0OAB and Wayne G4YOH from LEFARS. Having never worked from this far North I was surprised I could work into London, most of the stations I worked were from the Midlands, Cheshire, Runcorn, Leeds, Wolverhampton, Liverpool.

The operating location can be seen on Google Maps and more photos can be seen on Dave’s Flickr Set.

Updated: 13th September 2015 — 15:49

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