Don’t get in the way of TX3X

Looking on 7 MHz RTTY today I noticed a cacophony of noise covering around 20 KHz of the band. I couldn’t hear the DX station but the DX cluster confirmed it was the DX station TX3X from Chesterfield Reef. The cluster suggested they were 7.045 and listening up, I could hear people calling from 7045 to 7065. I couldn’t hear the DX station on my wire antenna so settled for working some EU station calling CQ in RTTY.

I first worked Special call TM51SP, followed by  DC2TL Markus, HB9CQV Jochanan and then a club station DL0GC. All these stations had to position himself below 7045 to avoid the malay of split noise created by TX3X.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy working DX stations, and if I could hear him I would have tried, but what happened next was unnecessary. A station without callsign asked DL0GC to stop transmitting as he was causing “interference”   to the DX station. That’s not to mention the 20 KHz of noise being created by callers to TX3X. They then proceed to tell DL0GC to stop QRMING !!

















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