Year: 2022

EFHW out portable

I recently purchased some EFHW both 49:1 and 64:1 for some field-based testing. Working is ongoing, but the initial testing was good. I used 21m or wire, supported on a 12m spidebeam pole, with the other 9m sloping horizontal. Power was provided by V2L on the car The purpose was to see how repeatable this […]

Ideal Masts for amateur radio use.

The two masts I have highlighted today are the PU12 and the SCAM 12m. They both extend to 12m in height but have very different usage cases. I have included downloadable PDF guides for each mast. These are often charged for on ebay! If you found this helpful you may want to say thanks and […]

Low Power Mesh Radio – Meshtastic

Low power mesh radios can be fun to provide point to point or point to multi-point communication over short and not so short range. So what is Meshtastic? A text-based radio-based system, that allows off-grid communication between users. A good place to start is here. You can purchase a Meshtastic unit online, they come in […]